02-Mar-2018 : Snow! Shall we go for a walk?

My sister Vanda is up from Gloucester for the week, and we woke up this morning to discover that there had been a light fall of snow during the night.

So do we stay indoors and sit in front of an open fire, chatting and drinking hot chocolate?

Do we listen to music and break out a jigsaw puzzle?

Or do we venture into the hills and freeze our socks off?

There’s only one answer to that question…

Yes, of course – “The hills, the hills!”

So we put a bottle of emergency Prosecco out in the back garden to chill and off we went, well wrapped up and carrying all the usual equipment and supplies to ensure our survival in even the harshest conditions North Wales could throw at a hardy climber: some cheesey sammidges, a flask of hot coffee and a small bottle of brandy.  Map?  What’s a map?!

And did we survive this dreadful ordeal?

Well you’ll never know, will you!

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